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I loved this remake m8, I was surprised that you chose a different model for the mannequins although. Anyway I played and recorded the game play on youtube.

5/5 Stars m8 keep up the good work on your games!

I think I like the original demo better. The mannequins are goofy-looking and not quite as scary. Not that this is bad, I just like the original better. Plus, the "original" and "extended" campaigns in this version don't seem to differ in length by anymore than at least one minute. I thought you would have added more content than that.

A short and simple game that has a reslly good atmosphere which gave me a few good scares at times. Though the extended version could have used more mannequins in my opinion. But overall, its a really nice horror game and I had fun playing it

Pretty awesome! Wish it was a bit longer with some more spooks but great nonetheless!

I JUST played your original last week, and I thought that it was awesome. After playing this one, though, I was shaking!

Great remake!

Thank you :) Remake turned out really awesome! Let me know if you need anything :)

how do you open it?


Had so much fun playing through it. Short and Sweet. 

literally just made and uploaded my video to this game... played the older version in a older video and loved it.. played this one and still loved it :D

Muy bueno, excelente ambientación.

This game was really cool actually the mannequins were kinda cartoony but it was more enjoyable for me that way! Keep up!:)

More mannequins... Thought I was done with them in Urbex.. Good game, Mannequins were not as scary as they were in Urbex, Were a bit too cartoony in my opinion.. Still a good game though!


Hey! played your game for my channel here 

Just played this and Really enjoyed it!  The mannequins in this game were terrifying,  the atmosphere and sounds were really well done to!  great job! :D 

very good indie game!!

This game, was hilarious and had some creepy moments, I remember playing a game like this before as well :D

Yep, you played Urbex and I loved your reaction to it!

Even though it it wasn't that scary.  it still got me every time on the jump scar LOL XD

Good game !  

i'll be honest it's a fun game


I felt like this was a bit of a backwards step in terms of horror. The mannequins just looked kinda... silly...

Made a video for this lol.

The game was amazing and i was constantly on my feet every corner.

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It's funny good game  짧고 재밌음 엄청 무섭 진 않아서 좋음

I have to say Urbex was great, then came Midnight Shift, now here we are with a remake of sorts of Midnight Shift. I have to say I loved the VHS style from the original Midnight Shift. I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but play the original Midnight Shift first. The remake still has the scare factor which I do truly love...Good job Phantom

I loved the original, Midnight Shift and Urbex were some of the first games I played on my channel and while I like the remake for it's own reasons I still think the original is better. The remake seems to have too stuff outside of what the original had, like the goofy mannequins and random stuff around. Still had a blast playing it!

Hi! Thanks for making this game, I made you a video


Had a great sinister feel. The extended version you were waiting for a jump scare which you found one or two but in a very subtle way. Used alot more of the atmosphere to deliver which I appreciate ALOT. The tunnel got me feeling nervous which was fun. Wish there was more content past the tunnel! Good work.

Great game!

I never played the original, but the remake is a pretty good horror game.

I found all the keys because i'm a good employee

nice game, I hope you enjoy the video. It's the first game in my indie Romp :)

I loved the original so I had to give the extended version a go! Definitely some very good jumps! Would loved to have seen more of the creepy mannequins from the first one but still definitely enjoyed myself! Can't wait to see your next project!

this was awesome especially the tunnel ending :D

Did a thing 

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I did not feel much inside the game. I think it needed a little challenge.
the environment is good, but has been little used.
the dolls do not scare, I missed the fear. Really.
I wanted to feel inside the game but some aspects prevent immersion.

This remake is very good and the scares were very well made but I felt like the maniquenes themselves were not as frightening. They just looked very cartoony and did not seem threatening at all while in the original the humanoid ones invoked the uncanny valley and seemed more threatening.

This is such a good remake. I'm really looking forward to see what you do with the game. Are you going to do more on this universe 

Greetings from Germany! I really loved playing your game, the atmosphere was great and the scares really good me. It reminded me on another horror game I played a few months ago with all this puppets (which were really scary).  Keep the good work up. :)

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