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I had played the original back when it first came out and this was really cool to see more added to it! but I think this one was more scary, so yeah great game.

I never played the original :( but I LOVED this one. Its atmosphere was already so creepy, and those mannequins just added to it. 

Also I had a cold and that's why I sound like a weasel while playing this lol

play my game worst day of my life if you want a good game

This game was amazing to play and stumbling upon the secret ending was great.

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This game was so fun, it was like a laid-back horror! Cannot wait to see more games by the creators. Definitely worth a play. First time in a game my heart went to my throat...and bring out some..."interesting" sounds from me

The ending was nice, but the original was scarier.

I had played the original back when it first came out and this was really cool to see more added to it! Loved the extended version and the new ending! Really creepy stuff

Played the original and loved it so I had to give this one a shot. Pretty good all around and I like how you updated and then added to it. Unfortunately was not able to find the secret ending.

I do have to say though, I think the original mannequins were creepier. 

Ahhh, the old memories, guessing then I could have gotten this supposed secret if I found those numbers and did something with it, HMMM...

THERE AIN'T NO WO-MANNEQUINS lol Great potential with this game. I but hard to be scary without a threat but would love to see more from this. I had fun making a video. 

Coming into this game fresh... it was interesting at least. 

Hello Phantom, I was happy to see you release a remake to midnight shift. I had such fun last year with midnight shift and even more so with Urbex. One thing I do want to note is that original mode is broken. I tried to play it and, as soon as, I go through the door it's pitch black. I thought it was my settings so changed them and still same things. Extended works just fine and, it seems everybody is choosing that option over original anyways. Just thought I would give you a heads up. I enjoyed the warehouse maze it felt more mazey than the first one!

Guys look at this game I found! It is called death wave Beta I highly recommend u play this game! It is an FPS game!!! I don't want u to miss out cause it is free i think for only a week!



THE MANNEQUINS ARE BACK! | The Midnight Shift | Remake HD

i thought this was ace!! i loved how you implemented both urbex and midnight shift 1 in this!! awesome!! great job on creating this extended version :D

Played the first one and played this one. Liked them both!

My channel:

Please! No more mannequins!! :O

Happy Halloween! 
I made myself a big ol' compilation video of scary games for the occasion, and yours was among them (in fact, it's the first one in the video!)

I have never played the original Midnight Shift, but I was immediately interested upon seeing the night watchman premise, and as much as I do note in the playthrough that moving mannequins is not a new trick, it is exceedingly well done here and definitely caused a few jumps... BEFORE the game veers into getting truly bizarre. Loved it, and would love to see more.

Sound and ambience was great ! 

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"It was a late shift but thankfully the mannequins helped us find the 'less frightening' ending. Hopefully another security guard position opens up soon as we would love to come back for another midnight shift."

Happy Halloween!


(The below video is a complete walkthrough with all three endings along with a "voice" commentary. Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel if you enjoy it and want to see more) 

I really enjoyed the extended version!

Gave it a go...


In the spirit of Halloween, I'm playing some horror games, and Midnight Shift is first on the list!

I enjoyed the game, plenty of scares. Although it was a bit short, the atmosphere was great, especially the noises! I'd recommend maybe a bit more length/clues to the story if you ever decide to update.

Thanks for playing! I definitely wanted this done before Halloween.


I played the original midnight shift and urbex. I like the removal of the VHS overlay style. Those games, while scary, always made me feel a little sick. The sneaky addition in the extended mode was a cool surprise aswell. 

Enjoyed your reaction!


Hiya, I played your game on my channel! I played the earlier version of this game a while back and loved it, so I wanted to play this one !


Good Remake ;) i do a Gameplay to it ;) got some Jumps a few times =)


Great remake. Still a great game and still made me jump a few times and with the extra part was a really good update from the first game. Superb... :)

great video =)

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