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I love any game that makes it look like a VHS style of gameplay. This just makes you want to not work as a secuirty guard at a mannequin place ever. 

All in all the game is pretty scary. I played Midnight Shift Remake as well and I'm overly impressed with it as well..good job man

Really cool and spooky demo! xD

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I make a video of this game. 

I'm looking forward to the remake of this game

This was such a cool demo! Definetly has a lot of potential!


Hi! Greetings from me (DJAY) and the INDIAN GAMING COMMUNITY!

Your work is amazing! Keep up the amazing work and please update us on your future 

works just like this one which is AMAZING!

If you want to see my experience with your game demo then pls check it out-

Great fun! Looking forward to future development!

Just loved chilling with mannequins!

Wonderful game. I can't wait to see a full game release from Devs.  Atmosphere is great and the topic, chilling.  Love your work :) Here is vid of the playthrough for dev purposes. Thank you so much. 

This game has massive potential, I would love to see the mannequins move when you dont look at them. Like in Doctor Who with the weeping angel. Then some of the mannequins would appear randomly, but you know from the sound. Really looking forward to what you do next  

I was very impressed with your sense of atmosphere, I know it was a class project for you but damn man, you have a great foundation. Keep up the great work, looking forward to more of your work.


We had a lot of fun playing the game. (big fans of Urbex)

The only problem is that it is short. We loved the spooky atmosphere.

Here is a short video we made while playing it:

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for trying both projects!

wow that was spooky!

Hate mannequins. Did a little writeup about your game.

Thanks for the review. I didn't think my school project was review-worthy, hah.

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Hey there, this game was a lot of fun! Here is my video on it in case you wanna see me scream at the mannequins

You got me, although I did wholeheartedly expected a jumpscare though

Was a pretty cool game. I felt like the ending fell a little flat. Would love to see more from it though guys! :D

I avoided Mannequin-slaughter! This was very creepy and I loved the immersive atmosphere. I can't wait to play Urbex next! 

I so wanted this game  to be longer.  Awesome environment and atmosphere.

This game was quite scary...

Another solid game PDdev. You have this mannequin spook thing down pat ;) MORE!!!

I had WAY too much fun with this game. The atmosphere was amazing but I think I missed almost all of the jumpscares by mistake XD

Very nice game! Thanks for making a fun game

I have some...ideas on how to make this game a touch better. I hope to see this game in the future

Muy buen juego

me saco varios sustos

una idea muy original

de los mejores que he jugado

Mannequins creep me out! Im usually a pro at handling horror but this demo made me on edge. I hope to see more from this dev in the future!

xx LexiiB

yo love the game it mostly works on people who are afraid of mannequins like me lol

Game was pretty creepy, especially when their eyes followed you. I love the game though and I think it has some pretty good potential.

Im shocked a game made me feel tense without something chasing me xD great job :D.

Dear Mannequins,

DON'T LOOK AT ME; YOU'RE ALL SO WEIRD AND SCARY! This game just reaffirms why I don't like mannequins. Shame on the dev for creating this nightmare of a game. No, but seriously, good job! This sent chills down my spine. Definitely gonna rev up Urbex very soon! Remember, they're always watching.

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I really enjoyed playing this horror game great job! :D 

I hate mannequins just in general....This video right here, and this game to be very terrifying at least to me. It is a small indie game, yet it was worth playing the most of it! Congrats on the work!

I hope you continue to create this game! I would love to see more.

it gave me the SHIVER!!!

Figured I would play this after playing Urbex :3

I liked the game because it was a joy to play and it was pretty unsettling while doing so.

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really liked this so fun, top marksreally liked this horror game

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