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The games was tense, atmospheric and clausterphobic. Nice job with the game.I hope you make more game like this.

my channel:

watch video here:

This game is quite good but not as great as Urbex!! This game came first so that is to be expected . This game is tense, atmospheric and clausterphobic . Who in their right mind would want to be a security guard at a mannequin storage facility? Certainly not me...

I really like your games. I made a video of this game. Also, you're the second developer I've ever seen who's also from Edmonton. Well, third, because I'd forgotten about BioWare.

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I'm  never working the nightshift again! Good and wellmade game!

Very nice prequel! :D Keep up the great games ^^

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Really enjoyable, and I can see what you took from this and put into Urbex. Would suggest giving it a go.

I don't get paid enough to work back shift in a mannequin factory!

I was so shook playing this game, like my hair's we're sticking up the whole time. I cannot wait for the full version. Here is my game play of this awesome game. (It ends at 5:03) 

This game was really creepy, I wish you this game was complete.  This game really reminded me of the 80s movie Maniac.  I love it.  Oh also I made a video about it, so there's that... Hope you enjoy!

This game was absolutely amazing! another game that has soooo much potential! please keep up the great work! :D

Short and sweet little atmospheric game! I liked it, can't wait to play Urbex. A longer, more full-length version of this game sounds like a great idea!

oh now i have got to try ubex!! GRET GAME!

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Played the game found it creepy with the mannequins very good job.

very much enjoyed this game and mannequins will always be one thing that terrifies me... so stick me in a warehouse of them? All the nopes. I do wish the ending had a bit more but still job well done! 

I know you say that Urbex is way superior to this game but, I feel this game has a certain charm to it. Not saying this game is better than Urbex. Just kind of feel this is right up there with Urbex. My heart would like to utmost thank you for not flat out jump scaring me like alot of other horror games. You had the jump sounds and, what not but, still my heart thanks you for not having anything directly really jumping out at me. Can't wait to see what your next project is!


This is pretty good. I really like everything about it, even the atmosphere put me on edge. Here's my playthrough of it. :D

The atmosphere in this game is pretty stunning, both figuratively and literally.. 

What dark secrets lurk around every hidden corner during the nightshift? 

Let's find out... 

hi, what a great game. i love it. the disturbing atmoshere, so creepy and scary. great. big thx and greetings from germany


The atmosphere of this game was absolutely phenomenal, especially if you already find mannequins disturbing (and really, who doesn't?). 

This Game is really scary and dosnt use jump scares 


Really Loved this game! I like how it was more of a study of game mechanics and less than an actual narrative with an ending! I also like how you released this after urbex to give us an idea where your thought process came from in constructing it! Kind of gives urbex a lore!

Here is my video good Dev!!!

I really enjoyed this game! I thought it had great atmosphere and the visuals were awesome! I am a firm believer in atmosphere in horror games is what makes it and this had it!

Great little game!

This game was insanely unnerving even though nothing jumped out at me. The tension in the atmosphere was perfect. I'll definitely be trying out Urbex in the future if it's anything like this. I made a video of my experience, and since I had an appropriate prop handy, threw in a little funny surprise during my outro!

Interesting style and nice tension to the game. A nice clean demo... :)

I will one hundered percent be trying out Urbex next for my YouTube channel! Here is the link to the video I made of Midnight Shift 

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Hey again, I really enjoyed Urbex when you released that so I thought I'd give this game a try as well. I was pleasantly surprised, I can definitely see the progression that you've made as a creator going from this game to Urbex but this is also a very good game.

The game has a tense and mysterious atmosphere to it, with a solid build up to the spooks. Visual wise, it's decent, but the sound is excellent which I consider a must for horror games.

Overall it's a good game. The mannequins are as creepy as ever and always give me a fright, and the atmosphere and sounds both add to the horror experience. It's a horror game that is short and sweet.

I hope you don't mind, but I recorded a short let's play of my time with the game.

Cheers and best wishes to you, I look forward to seeing how you progress as a creator in your future projects!



This was frightening. The atmosphere and build up of tension really got to me.

The sound effects were used quite well, and I'm grateful that there weren't any cheap jumpscares. Even without that to rely on, this game manages to find a way to be fear inducing and outright creepy. I personally think this is on par with Urbex. They both have a consistent quality to them. I like the little notes scattered around, but I do wish there was just a tad more of them.

Regardless, great job on the game! I liked it and enjoyed it tremendously.   ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \  

.....Ish shyo spooky though.... ( ゚ω゚;)

All i can say is dam them manikins i love them but hate them it was pretty good i  enjoyed it cant wait to see what you do next :D

I checked you game out! I really enjoy it! lemme know when you release a full game!


It's weird I actually preferred this to Urbex, I think it was the found footage style that made it stick out for me. 


This is really well made. I love the visuals and the environment. Pretty creepy as well.

I'll have toi give Urbex a try too.

my playthrough:

this game was amazing it was and I made a gameplay


watch game here:

Hey, here's my gameplay of this game! I kept calling it night shift though, still, great game!


Great stuff again PDdev, I enjoyed that just as much as Urbex. The flashing lights and tracking mannequin heads were particularly unsettling. Nicely done!


Thank you for the nice comments!


I can see why you think Urbex is 'superior' although both are short, if not this one shorter by a bit, I do like the atmosphere - I only wish there was more variety and a longer length to go with the atmosphere that I feel you're good at achieving. Hope the title and video gives you and any viewers a laugh.


"I only wish there was more variety and a longer length to go with the atmosphere that I feel you're good at achieving."

Yeah, that was the intent of Urbex. I was actually in the process of remaking this game, but I felt that a different setting was the way to go. Thanks for the vid!


Urbex was a 'biiit' longer, but not by a lot - something more or less I'd say, 30 minutes would be solid? If possible without sacrificing quality. And no problem, can't wait to see what's next ;)


Gave it a go...


Very creepy game. kept me on my toes the entire time. good job

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