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Great game for what it is XD I would like to see a more full scale game to be honest 

This game is really good with it's timing. There were times where I got to comfortable at the worst time. Here is my game play which is kind of all over the place with the 20 fps and all day but I hope you enjoy. This game was fire btw.

Dope man! I got hella scared! I would smash 10/10 :)

TOTALLY didn't expect that INSANE ending! The creepiness factor is OFF THE FREAKING CHARTS! Haunting atmosphere and lots of good spooks! Will be on the lookout for future projects!

I wish it was longer! I can't wait to play more of these! When's the next one??

pretty creepy to play defo check it out !!! 

I liked playing Urbex.  To me, this game was much creepier than Midnight Shift.  This game felt a bit more put together than Midnight Shift as well.

Guess i gotta play Midnigh Shift now to get whats goin on....

BOOO! I'm not good at secret endings :(

Just played your game, and I actually really enjoyed it. It was pretty creepy, a little confused by the ending though. 

The pacing is good, and the spooks were on point, the setting was good, and the graphics were nice. But frankly, the ending sucked. The game had a lot going for itself, but couldn't deliver. I gave it a play, feel free to check it out! 

Very creepy. The tension that builds up is really scary. And mannequins are always spooky.

What a game! i love the concept of exploring and figuring it out all by yourself. The creepy fibe is realy good. check out this video to get a good impression;)

Whew! This game was a fun quick little explore, still can't find that damn secret ending. Oh well! Good Job!

funny i also played midnight shift like right before i played this game not knowing that both are from you was wondering when one of the mannequins attack me  XD greetings from germany :D

ps : had a few problems with ivisible walls sometimes.

Short and spooky, great combo, well done!

How the hell do I get the secret ending??? I did find some "notes" but I don't know what to do after, or even if I have all of them...

Help..... ;-;

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Nevermind, found it. Wasn't expecting that as a secret ending, good game :)

I have been waiting for this day. You might be the first one ever to have found it!

Really???? HELL YEAHHH!!

It was fun actually the secret ending, I was crossing my fingers so that the caracter doesn't have to die, again. It gave me flash backs about one of the endings in Sillent Hil 2.

Waiting for the next game XD

Thanks for playing! I'm very curious about how long it took you. (Keep the solution a secret!)

It took me 27 min. for both endings. The normal one was between 7 and 9. It was the secret ending that took a little longer.

Enjoy the Played game! 재밌게 플레이 했어요 :)

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Недавно сделал обзор на данную игру. Все же Midnight Shift больше понравился. Оценю работу на 3+. Но советую всем пройти, тем более что она короткая. Желаю успехов создателю над своими проектами и буду следить за новыми версиями. 

Freaked me out! Why with the mannequins??  Great game awesome job!

OMG, I remember playing this on Armor Games a long time ago- like six years probably. That one jumpscare scared the s#!t out of me.

I did a little bit of Urban Exploration as a kid, But now I think I might just stay home. Cool little game mate! Mannequins are creepy enough alone, but you have taken the fear to another level. I would love to see more like this. Hopefully this game gets your foot in the door somewhere. :)

I made a video of my scary fun times. ;)

I made a video of this game too. Still loved it.

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 Amazing game man.  A little short horror,  but the atmosphere is great. Nice game!

The eerie atmosphere, relentless tension and spoopy ambience gel together to make a most enjoyable indie horror experience. Lots of AWESOME stuff for a 9 minute playthrough. Next I will be tackling Midnight Shift...can't wait!! 

Amazing game man. We need more game like this. I really enjoyed it.Nice work and keep it up.

my channel:

watch video here:


This is a short atmospheric horror game but with a bit of work could truly something special. 

If you want to gameplay before downloading it you can so here:

A short and atmospheric game. Great graphics and I hate the mannequins. Well done DEVS

A short but intense horror game. I got a little to confident for a while and got to pay the price! Nice game, well done :D

I am not prepared to poop my pants lol.. seems like a really fun game though

Gave it a go...


Here's something scary to think about... Microtransactions here's another scary thing EA... scared enough okay now enjoy Urbex a wanna be horror demo that can't match the horror and dear EA puts in the heart of any gamer. 

A good feeling of fright ! 

Une bonne dose  de frayeur garantie ! :)

Although this game was really well made it, it sadly did not give me the thrill of Midnight Shift.  Keep up the work though I cant wait to see what comes next.

THIS GAME IS VERY AMAZING! :D Keep up the great games ^^


This game was incredible, for just a demo this was very impressive and actually scared me lol. Very excited if you make a longer version of this game :)

Short but awesome! Wish there was more of a plot though. 

When I was young, I used to go urban exploring with my mom. We never encountered anything like I did today!

This game had really good atmosphere and the mannequins

freaked me out too good job.

this game scared the hell out of me

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