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Not gonna lie this came got to me a bit. I really enjoyed it though. If you're interested here is my gameplay.

I played your game, 5/5 for me m8, it was a great experience.

Heyo I played Your Game! It begins at 19:50

I've never found mannequins scary or creepy but the atmosphere was great in this though

I am waiting for the full version :D

Interesting game. A few quirky spots but overall what I'd expect!

Great atmosphere and bar a few odd points very good :D

Thanks for the game!

Couldn't find the secret ending, but would love to know how to get to it. One mannequin in particular REALLY freaked me out. 

Played your game in an indie romp. Nice touch with the reveal, you actually got me with it. Hope you enjoy the video

Your game starts at 6:45

I liked it. A bit short but it leaves you wanting more.

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I saw. I played. I got scared a couple of times. It is indeed a bit short but I had fun. Time to check out the Midnight Shift Remake >:D

Definitely shorter than I expected, but this game inserted me into a very dark, creepy environment! One part even legitimately sent waves of chills down my spine! Worth playing! I hope to see more from the dev in a similar style! Here's my play through of it:

it feel so short, i want more!

Did a lets play of this, And all I can say is I hated mannequins before this... But I hate them even more now! Good job, Didn't expect it to end the way it did.

Okay, 7 minutes to wander around pointlessly to find the first fuse (done) and to not be able to find any more keys or fuses. That's that for me.

Hah... now you gave me a reason to hate mannequins... Amazing game! Need More!!!

Hello!I played your game!I posted a little review in the description of my Youtube video

Great game I enjoyed it!

That was spooky because of atmosphere. Really good! I love games like this.


i gave it a go...

i just uploaded my gameplay of this, pretty cool! :D

I went in so blind I didn't even realize this was made my the same group that did Midnight Shift...this came as quite as surprise! Well done yet again!

Hello, I played your game! I posted a little mini review in the description of my Youtube video I really hope you do something good with this game, it has loads of potential. It feels like a demo of a brilliant game and I really want to play more

Hello ;) i am now a new Member on =) 

and here is my lil Gameplay to this amazing Demo of an great Game =)

i am excited to see the full version

watch here and enjoy 

Break free from the mold,  don't be like other creators hoping to pull cheap surprises. Learn how to use subtlely to create scares. It doesn't take much to freak someone out- but if you want them to remember your game, do some research on subtle horror and you'll go very far.

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Great work, got some genuine spooks

Great game I enjoyed it.

Great atmosphere. Keeps you on your toes. Glad I found this one!

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Fun little game, scared the hell out of me the first time around.

Mangaged to find the secret ending third time through and was subsequently terminated.

Hey everyone! Today I played urbex (urban explorer if you aren't hip enough to figure it out...I wasn't) which teaches us the valuable lesson that warehouses are often better left abandoned lest you enjoy your pediophobia exploited. Because I enjoyed this game so much I edited into a video with two other games that I enjoyed, check it out! Also, it is a brand new channel that I created and because I am new to this I appreciate any feedback. If you enjoy the content be sure to like and or subscribe! Thanks everyone and happy gaming! -- Chlazy

This game had HUGE creep factor. I had no idea I was scared of mannequins in video games...

Very spooky and hit my mannequin fear hard haha, awesome job 

Short n sweet with a great atmosphere, definitely worth checking out.

Genuinely really spooky game, very well executed 

I combined this play through with two other horror games, Hope you don't mind :D


super fun and entertaining game!!!!

It was quite a  good horror game 


Is there any way I could get a small hint for the secret ending? I've been trying for two hours, and I can't come up with anything except for some collectibles in a certain room.


lol this scared the shit outta me 

This was a pretty cool, short horror game with a rather creepy mannequin problem. Overall, I enjoyed my little bit with it for what it was. Check out my video below if you wish, I would very much appreciate it.

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