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I am not prepared to poop my pants lol.. seems like a really fun game though

Gave it a go...


Here's something scary to think about... Microtransactions here's another scary thing EA... scared enough okay now enjoy Urbex a wanna be horror demo that can't match the horror and dear EA puts in the heart of any gamer. 

A good feeling of fright ! 

Une bonne dose  de frayeur garantie ! :)

Although this game was really well made it, it sadly did not give me the thrill of Midnight Shift.  Keep up the work though I cant wait to see what comes next.

THIS GAME IS VERY AMAZING! :D Keep up the great games ^^

Short but awesome! Wish there was more of a plot though. 

When I was young, I used to go urban exploring with my mom. We never encountered anything like I did today!

This game had really good atmosphere and the mannequins

freaked me out too good job.

this game scared the hell out of me

This game was played in my halloween special. It spooked me good a couple of times.

I love the idea of this game! I played Midnight Shift and Urbex and the feel and ambience was amazing. It succeeded in giving off a creepy vibe. That "being watched" feel. I just wish it was longer. If we could have a longer version of these games (and throwing ideas out there- maybe some 'weeping angel' mechanics), that'd be awesome! Either way, I liked it! Short and sweet!

hi and big thx for this another great disturbing game. your games are so creepy and scary, perfect. greetings from germany


Please. Please. Please.

Please tell me you're making a full game. Or a series of these incorporated into one big story. The setting and atmosphere is so perfect, by the time I realize I'm scared I'm not just scared, I'm TERRIFIED. I did NOT know there was a secret ending and now I'll be replaying to find it!

GREAT work!

Very cool! I played Midnight Shift and now this and I really think they both offer different things that could be incorporated to make a more terrifying game :)

I really liked the way MS looked but this one did a better job of building tension. It had a slower build to the introduction of the mannequins and did more subtle things.

All around great job!

Also I didn't find the secret ending. It appears I did pick up 3 things that weren't fuses though. I don't know if that's how you get it and I missed some or needed to do something else or what. I may have to mess with it some more and see if I can figure it out.

My video:

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Well this renewed my fear of mannequins. Take a look below for my playthrough

Hola amigos, 

Here is my playthrough of the game... I'm not sure and still open for debates but I think an actual ghost was caught in the recording!!

I didn't manage to complete the game since I was just going around in circles....and saw what actually happened in other videos after I got done editing mine. So here's my long excursion through this game and watch me fail miserably xD

Gotta say, pleasantly surprised about this game even with how short it is.  Now for me I'm not easily scared by mannequins so this game wasn't particularly scary for me personally, but don't let that lower your expectation of the game.  If you're scared about mannequins in any way, you WILL be scared with this game.  On the plus side though, the sounds and overall atmosphere was done very well (even though the alarm at one point was far too loud).  I won't mention the graphics because, personally, graphics does not a good horror game make.  I've been scared with 2D pixellated games.  So while the warehouse looked great, the mannequins themselves looked, kinda meh, this game can easily be put up there as one of the good ones.

The puzzles are nothing more than find item X, insert in object Y to reach goal Z mechanic, and in such a small map finding those objects doesn't need much exploration.  The devs' description of playing the whole game in 5 to 10 minutes is true.

Lastly the game doesn't rely on cheap jumpscares but goes in the direction of building the tension, which is does in short bursts but where it does, it does it well.  I enjoyed playing this game and if you want to see me play it, click it here.

Really good creepy game! Come check out mine and my sisters reaction to this game :)


I played it! omg can't stand such game! very good work creator!


OMG SO SCARY !!!!! | Urbex #HorrorGame


I gotta say. You made a really creepy game. So creepy I couldn't play with my earbuds on. Keep it up. Idk what happened at the end, but keep doing what you do!

Urbex well done my friend love this game :D and i want  my heart back


Very cool game!  It was very scary enjoyable great job! 

Wow this game is good! Check out my short gameplay if you are unsure if you want to download it or not!

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The game looked awesome, and you did a lot of things very very well, I'm for and against this idea of waking up in a random location and having to find your way out for a small game because it adds to the creep factor but I love me a good story! I thought the way the noises were placed for the "jump scares" were done very well because you're not expected to hear a massive thud or a glitching noise opening a locker. I would have loved to see a different ending or even something we can do to make it out alive, I think that could be something cool to throw in an alt ending. I also would have loved to see the mannequins looking at you or following you with their heads as well as movement whenever they're behind you because I kept looking back expecting these things to come after me and it definitely would have been a good scare! I think this could be made into something bigger and I completely see it blowing up! Overall I thought this was pretty well made for a short and fast horror experience and look forward to seeing what else you come up with! 

3D TV VR box google cardboard side by side sbs stereoscopic 3d video urbex

I liked the atmosphere! Definitely had a really creepy vibe! 

Wish it wasn't so much of a key hunt, but you've got some good ideas!

Well made game! Graphics look sharp and some good scares! Some better audio design though would be nice :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Very entertaining video! Thanks.

So many things have jump scared me but, now mannequins? I've been scared by it all now! This game was amazing! Kept me in suspense on the second half and, kept it there the rest of the way through! You should be proud of this project!

Great game, I enjoyed it a lot Here is my video of it!

Great game, I enjoyed it a lot Here is my video of it!


OH GAWD PLS NOT THE MANNEQUINS ! | Urbex Full Gameplay Walkthrough


Oh my! This game was short sweet and simple, and it was absolutely amazing! The ambient sounds were on point and I had a wonderful time playing it! Great work, keep it up!


So I was wondering if this was going to be full at some point, its actually really cool, you didnt have an idea what was going on, although thats what made it more terrifying, I think horror games need to go down this, give your imagination a gate unlock, you have no idea whats going on, you are in a dark damp place, with no way out, and you hear weird stuff, that end though wow.. I have to say this was well done, I really appreciate you guys giving me the chance to play this :D hope you guys enjoy the gameplay!

I may consider an expansion, seeing as how people are asking about it, but I do have other projects in mind that I've been wanting to work on. Thanks for the nice words and video!


nicely done here is my playthrough great scares


Nicely done, effectively created an unsettling ambience using some neat sound design. Was short but sweet, definitely would have the potential to be expanded upon too. Good job all round! 


This was a one time project. There are other things I'd like to pursue. But thanks for the feedback and your interest!

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